About Us

Since its very formation, Boom Boom Brady has tried to create a vintage, exciting sound with its own twist. Founded in 2016 by neighbors Felix Quinata and Jordan Ott. Soon thereafter, Cameron Andreas joined on drums. Boom Boom Brady cemented their sound by adding additional members Eric Farnsworth and Brian Llamas.

They spent the next couple months recording and perfecting their sound. Their self titled, debut EP was released in March 2017. Their following album, "Building Up Credit" was released in April 2018 and included Daniel Dukes on the keyboard and organ. 

Boom Boom Brady is constantly making new music and be on the look out for a new single to come out by the end of Summer 2018. 


Band Members

Felix Quinata

Lead Vocals

Jordan Ott


Brian Llamas


Cameron Andreas


Eric Farnsworth

Rhythm Guitar



Fresno, California

(760) 604-7815


Boom Boom Brady

Fresno, California

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